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Surviving the Toxic Workplace
Protect Yourself Against Coworkers, Bosses, and Work Environments That Poison Your Day

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Author: Linnda Durre
Format: Paperback/256pp
Date: 2010
Number: MGH-664677


Proven techniques for dealing with workplace issues successfully

Do you dread going to work? Dealing with pestering coworkers, unmanageable managers, angry clients can take its toll on your job performance. And in these difficult economic times, no one can afford to lose their jobs.

In Surviving the Toxic Workplace, syndicated author and psychotherapist Linnda Durre teaches you how to pinpoint and treat these office maladies with effective communication and conflict negotiation techniques that are sure to bring you peace of mind and peace at work.

Surviving the Toxic Workplace shows you:

  • Why these office conflicts erupt
  • How to identify and treat the 12 most common types of toxic co-workers, situations, and environments
  • The seven components of effective communication techniques you can use in various situations
  • How to deal with different conflict styles

Don't let office conflicts drain you of energy or interfere with your job performance. Treat the malady before it gets out of hand with Surviving the Toxic Workplace.



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