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When Work Becomes You (It's All About the Fit!)
S.I.X. Essential Attitudes

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Author: Lisa Christine Olsen, JanMarie C Malik
Format: Paperback/150pp
Date: 2007
Number: IUS-440887


Whether you're an administrative professional transitioning to more responsibility, a new manager, or simply want to "tune up"? your interpersonal skills, When Work Becomes You is a guide to greater success professionally and personally. Lisa C. Olsen and JanMarie C. Malik share invaluable lessons plucked from their own experiences of more than twenty years as business professionals and administrators.

This innovative guide introduces S.I.X., a breakthrough model for Strategic Interpersonal eXcellence. In a pragmatic yet engaging style, Olsen and Malik weave real-life stories into the discussion of the six skills critical for today's professional:

  • Initiative
  • Critical thinking
  • Dependability
  • Diplomacy
  • Grace
  • Integrity

When Work Becomes You includes checklists, tips, and personal narrative to help you successfully handle any situation you might encounter in your career. Jam-packed with the type of wisdom that only comes from experience, Olsen and Malik describe how to develop more confidence and purpose in your life.

Written in practical terms, When Work Becomes You is not a textbook or another self-help book. From writing a resume to finding a better job, When Work Becomes You provides a clear, thoughtful, and rational path to a better career and a more fulfilling life.



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