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There's No Crying in the Man's World
A Woman's Guide to Succeeding in Business

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Author: Dr. Stephanie Aldrich
Format: Paperback/180pp
Date: 2007
Number: IUS-433414


It's generally accepted that men rule the business world. But if you're a woman just starting your foray into this male-dominated arena, you might be wondering how to navigate it. A step-by-step instruction manual, There's No Crying in the Man's World will help you play the game by the men's rules.

Drawing on her experience as a businesswoman in a mostly male-dominated profession, Dr. Stephanie Aldrich helps you define what a powerful, modern woman is and shows you how to become that woman in the business world. She delves into the reasons why men don't want to work with women and reveals how to turn your liabilities into assets.

With clear, concise language, Dr. Aldrich discusses the importance of defining what your goals are, and then how to formulate and reach them. In addition, she teaches you how to:

  • Notice the problems in your work environment
  • Express your opinion at work
  • Utilize your femininity to your advantage
  • Use effective communication in your presentations
  • And much more!

Don't let intimidation and scare tactics keep you from having the career you want and deserve. Let There's No Crying in the Man's World be your personal guide to accomplishing your dream!



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