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Get Hired!
10 Simple Steps for Winning the Job You Desire--in Any Economy

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Author: Donald Strankowski
Format: Paperback/319pp
Date: 2004
Number: IUS-326303


Most conventional job search strategies are simply not effective anymore. To be successful in today's ultra-competitive job market, one must employ new tools and strategies for gaining notice and getting hired. Get Hired! will provide you with the necessary advice and strategies to conduct a successful job search campaign, and do so regardless of the strength of the employment market.
In Get Hired! you will find effective strategies for:

  • Developing the proper job seeker's mindset and assessing the modern job market.
  • Formulating a career direction by identifying your transferable skills, natural talents, areas of interest, and Business Reality.
  • Employing the most effective job search methods.
  • Creating a winning résumé - that gets read!
  • Distinguishing yourself from the job search masses by employing new tools and strategies such as a Brag Book, V-Letter and Job Business Plan.
  • Acing the interview - and winning the job! Determining your market value and negotiating a top salary.

 Get Hired! is written to help you get maximum results by following a time-proven strategy for job searching success - for today's business environment. The principles and techniques discussed in Get Hired! will apply whether you are looking to embark on a complete life-altering career change, or whether you simply want to switch employers.



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