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Everything Guide to Starting and Running a Retail Store, The
All you need to get started and succeed in your own retail adventure

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Author: Dan Ramsey, Judy Ramsey
Format: Paperback/304pp
Date: 2010
Number: FWP-697834


What are my start-up costs? How much will my store make? Should I sell online? How can I compete with larger stores?

If you've ever considered owning a store but don't know where to start, The Everything Guide to Starting and Running a Retail Store is perfect for you. This resource will help you recognize the importance of an independent retail store in community life and the opportunities it offers for a rewarding lifestyle. This comprehensive guide shows you how to:

  • Spot and capitalize on small retailer trends
  • Conduct your own market analysis
  • Research and select the most appropriate retailing software
  • Run your business day to day
  • Attract customers with effective advertising
  • Make the leap to online selling

This helpful handbook offers practical advice on retail store planning and management with valuable guidelines and real-world examples that can make the difference between your store's success and failure. This guide provides all the tools you need to run a store that your customers--and you--will enjoy for many years to come!



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