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Working World 101
The New Grad's Guide to Getting a Job

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Author: Bridget Graham, Monique Reidy
Format: Paperback/256pp
Date: 2009
Number: FWP-694956


After graduation, the real world can be an intimidating and foreign place for college graduates. Sure, they've spent the past four years cramming for exams, writing essays, and reading books, but they did so in the twentysomething bubble of their college campuses. This guide fixes these problems by covering everything the recent grad needs to know in order to get in and get ahead in corporate life. Authors Bridget Graham and Monique Reidy break down the process of entering the professional world, including how to:

  • Create the perfect resume
  • Nail the interview
  • Dress properly
  • Be articulate and poised
  • Carry on water-cooler appropriate conversation

With this guide, young people everywhere will develop the well-spoken poise, confidence, and professional attitude needed to succeed in the real world.



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