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Jerks at Work
Revised Edition

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Author: Ken Lloyd
Format: Paperback/288pp
Date: 2008
Number: CPI-148520


In this updated and revised edition of Jerks at Work, popular syndicated columnist Ken Lloyd returns to grapple once again with one of America's most popular (or unpopular) workplace topics, and presents his practical, upbeat, and professionally sound as an antidote. Drawing on e-mails and letters from employees and employers across America, Dr. Lloyd presents numerous examples of some of the most outrageous classic and current workplace (mis)behaviors - past and present - along with the most powerful strategies that readers can use today to deal effectively with them.

There is no single, simple strategy that works on every Jerk. They come in many assorted flavors: your Jerk could be your boss, a coworker, your subordinate, a vendor, even customers. Just when you think you have read about the ultimate jerk at work, up pops another. Fortunately, a tailor-made strategy pops up alongside. Jerks at Work provides a wide array of strategies to deal with all the Jerks you come across. There are the time-tested, classical methods for the retro-jerks; the screamers, impractical jokers, egomaniacs, complainers, and non-stop talkers. Then there are new, state-of-the-art strategies to deal with a generation of cyber-jerks that includes bullies, jerks on cellphones, and jerks on line. Additionally, a new section, exclusive to this revised edition, covers some of the most outrageous workplace behaviors that one could ever encounter.



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