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150 Best Low-Stress Jobs

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Author: Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., Editors at JIST
Format: Paperback/432pp
Date: 2008
Number: JST-575557


Find job satisfaction through rewarding, low-stress work.
Surveys confirm that occupational pressures are the number-one source of stress for Americans. Eighty percent of workers feel high stress on the job, and 40 percent of job turnover is due to stress. Health and quality-of-life issues cause stressed-out workers to pursue new jobs. Job stress costs employers $300 billion annually in accidents, absenteeism, turnover, and diminished productivity. But does less career stress sacrifice good pay and a promising future? This new book has the answer in two stress-free steps.

First, readers explore 90 "best low-stress jobs" lists ranked by over a dozen common stress factors, plus by pay, growth, openings, personality type, interests, education level, gender, age, part-time work, and self-employment. Then, readers review descriptions of the jobs that appeal to them.

Stress factors used in the main best jobs lists and bonus lists include:

  • long work week
  • time pressure
  • level of competition
  • importance of being exact or accurate
  • consequence of error
  • frequency of conflict
  • dealing with difficult people
  • public speaking
  • exposure to diseases or infections
  • pace determined by speed of equipment
  • cramped work space
  • impact of decisions on others
  • pressure to compromise values.

The thorough job descriptions reveal facts on level of stress tolerance needed, wages, growth, openings, responsibilities, required education and courses, working conditions, related jobs, and more.



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