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Hire Power, 2nd Ed.
The Ultimate Canada Student Employment Guide

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Author: Karen Schaffer
Format: Paperback/215pp
Date: 2008
Number: SEN-324388


Ready to Job Hunt? Hire Power is for you! All the info students and grads need to get that vital first job is right here at your fingertips in the updated edition of this bestselling book.

Lively, informative and full of humorous anecdotes, this book is the perfect choice for young Canadians who want to get working! Get the revised edition of this bestselling book. As a supportive reference guide, it takes new job seekers through the essentials - from figuring out what to apply for to how to apply for it. As a job directory, it gives the inside scoop on more than fifty starter jobs in Canada with an innovative rating system and gives the skinny on specific companies young people can approach to find a job of their own.

This popular resource is everything you need to land that right first job! It replaces the title The Canada Student & Grad Job Directory.

This book contains:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to figure out the next best job for you
  • How to write a resume that will blow the competition away
  • Writing cover letters with pizzazz
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • How to find, apply for, and land a job

In addition you'll find:

  • Over fifty starter jobs in Canada
  • An innovative ratings system to determine if the job is right for you
  • Alternatives to working - volunteer-work, entrepreneurship and others
  • Directory information and resources on directly contacting companies



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