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Go freelance
How to succeed at being your own boss

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Author: A & C Black Publishers
Format: Paperback/688559
Date: 2008
Number: CAAC-688559


Deciding to leave the security of a permanent job and go freelance is a brave decision - and is not to be taken lightly. However, as long as you manage your time, work-flow, contacts, and money, it may turn out to be the best career move you ever made!

Go freelance is packed with essential advice, including:

  • Working out when it's time to move on
  • Do you have the right skills to be your own boss?
  • Finding new work
  • Networking to market yourself and your skills
  • Managing work-flow
  • Managing your time
  • Looking after your accounts

Also included are: a self-assessment quiz; step-by-step guidance and action points; top tips; common mistakes and advice on how to avoid them; summaries of key points; and lists of further resources.



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