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Pocket Book of Job Search Data & Tips, 3rd Ed.

Price :
$1.95 $0.98Save: 50% off

Author: Michael Farr
Format: Paperback/32pp
Date: 2008
Number: JST-574741


For little more than a dollar, job seekers get a handy reference that can help them fill out an application, prepare a resume, or ace an interview. Two books in one, it provides an easy way to store important job search information, as well as a quick reference of the essential job search tips every job seeker needs to know.

New to this edition:

  • New tips for interviewing, contacting employers, and using technology in the job search.
  • New military experience record.
  • Expanded section on follow up including a sample thank-you note.
  • A new interview checklist.
  • A list of helpful Web sites and other resources.
  • A new, streamlined design to make it even easier to use.

And yet it still fits snuggly in your pocket.



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