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Quick Guide to College Majors and Careers
2nd edition

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Author: Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D.
Format: Paperback/357pp
Date: 2009
Number: JST-576370


Too many people make important career and learning decisions with too little information. This book lets you choose a four-year college major and a career simultaneously, instead of considering just one or the other. Plus, it's very easy to use: Each major is presented on a concise, two-page spread for easy reading, and four worksheets result in a "hot list" of majors most likely to match your interests, skills, and career preferences.

Each college major description - more than 125 in all - offers the following useful facts: definition of the major; most closely related jobs and their earnings, growth, and annual openings; recommended high school and college courses in sequential order; interest area/career cluster, skills, values, and personality type related to the careers; work environment; and cross-references to other information sources.

This new edition provides the latest data from reliable government sources, including the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Information Network (O*NET) database. Nine new majors help you consider all your options; the book now relates 218 careers to 127 college majors. New definitions of the majors and information on personality types provide helpful guidance.

The four worksheets now let you explore options based on 16 interest areas that match the 16 U.S. Department of Education clusters, plus your skills, favorite school subjects, and work-related values. You can use one or more of these to guide you to the career and learning options most likely to match your criteria.



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