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Salary Facts Handbook
The Definitive Source of Pay Information on 800 Jobs

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Author: Editors at JIST
Format: Paperback/896pp
Date: 2008
Number: JST-575151


Most people think they should be earning more but lack reliable facts to prove it or don't consider the realities of the marketplace. Others have pay-related questions as they search for jobs, negotiate salary, and plan for their futures: What can I expect to make in a certain job? What will I earn if I move to a bigger city or a different industry? How much money will I make with more education?

Based on a current and official U.S. Department of Labor survey of 1.2 million businesses, Salary Facts Handbook gives the most accurate and detailed pay information available on 800 jobs at 11 levels of education and training. No other resource matches its interesting, easy-to-use format; its vast and varied information; its many useful rankings of jobs by demographic, geographic, educational, and other criteria; and the size and validity of its information source.

Highlights include the following:

  • Quick salary finder. Salaries for 800 jobs, including starting pay; mean and median pay; and wages by state, metropolitan area, and industry. Each job is covered in an easy-to-use one-page overview. Occupations are ranked from 1 to 800 by pay
  • Pay-boosting advice. Negotiate your best salary, learn if you are you underpaid, leverage your skills, and increase your pay.
  • Learn more, earn more. Understand the education-earnings rule, and its exceptions.
  • Eye-opening lists. Compare wages for jobs organized in interesting ways, including by training and education level, industry, and city. Discover how age, gender, veteran status, and other factors affect earnings. Browse lists of federal jobs, industries, states, and metro areas ranked by pay.
  • Official U.S. Department of Labor pay information. Get summaries on issues related to pay, such as hazard pay, minimum wage, overtime pay, tips, commissions, and much more.



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