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Today's Hot Job Targets
Find Careers and cities with big job growth

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Author: Michael Farr, Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D.
Format: Paperback/200pp
Date: 2007
Number: JST-574246


Fast-track careers have become an important factor as people explore their job opportunities. Career websites and newspapers often feature articles identifying the top "hot jobs" across the nation, and it's no wonder why people are intrigued by them. Today's hottest jobs can offer fast hiring, sizzling growth, and job security.

This new addition to JIST's best-selling Help in a Hurry series helps readers quickly match themselves to high-growth, high-demand jobs based on their personality types (often called the Holland Codes) and get proven tips for finding these hot jobs fast. This speedy book zeroes in on the 100 careers with the very best growth or openings and lists the metropolitan areas with red-hot hiring.

Today's Hot Job Targets is the perfect resource for job seekers looking to land a promising job or students exploring their future career options. The book's 100 hot-job snapshots include information on job tasks, projected growth, openings, salary, education required, personality type, and more. It even gives guidance on obtaining training and education for in-demand jobs.

Based on the most current O*NET data from the U.S. Department of Labor, this guide addresses the DOL's high-growth job initiative, which focuses on sectors that will add many jobs to the economy, are being transformed by innovation and technology, or are economically vital.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Uses annual job openings and growth through 2014 to identify today's hottest jobs, helping readers pursue jobs where they are truly needed and that offer good job security.
  • Features jobs that require a bachelor's degree or less, so readers can get on the fast track to these hot jobs as soon as possible.
  • Offers unique information on the metropolitan areas with the best job growth, which is helpful for relocation decisions and for comparing jobs in cities.



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