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Yahoo! Hotjobs Your Next Move
Success Strategies for Midcareer Professionals

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Author: Dan Finnigan, Marc Karasu
Format: Paperback/185pp
Date: 2006
Number: SPC-728266


We've all experienced the "Sunday Slump" that impending sense of doom as the weekend draws to a close, and that tired, dead-end job looms ahead. Unfortunately, job dissatisfaction is all too common. That's why the experts at Yahoo! HotJobs have created a job-hunting guide specifically for experienced professionals looking to move ahead whether they're currently working or unemployed. Your Next Move reveals how to make the next job the right job, update your resume, keep your job search confidential, present your experience in an interview, and negotiate a higher salary. With real-world advice from executives and recruiters, sample resumes, and helpful exercises, Your Next Move is essential reading for anyone who's ready to once again find fulfillment in their career.



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