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Manager's Pocket Guide to Diversity Management, The

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Author: Dr. Edward E. Hubbard
Format: Paperback/190pp
Date: 2004
Number: HRD-257618


This guide will teach you the skills required to effectively manage a diverse workplace - not because it's the "right thing to do" or your organization requires it. But because it is good for business.

Gain diversity awareness, tools, knowledge and techniques necessary to lift morale, improve processes, bring access to new segments of the marketplace, enhance productivity and improve your bottom line.

Step-by-step, this interactive workbook will help you:

  • Test your skills in managing diversity
  • Save management time
  • Navigate difficult situations
  • Build teamwork
  • Improve your interpersonal effectiveness

Whether you're ready to launch a new diversity initiative, build a diverse work team or plan a new and innovative product launch, this pocket guide will be an invaluable tool for developing managers and leaders.



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