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Pocket Guide to 50 Best Careers with a Two-Year College Degree

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Author: Editors at JIST
Format: Paperback/40pp
Date: 2007
Number: JST-574222


The Pocket Guide to 50 Best Careers with a Two-Year College Degree covers careers you can obtain with an associate's degree.

About the Pocket Guide to Careers Series
The best careers - in brief! These booklets give job seekers and students an overview of the 50 best jobs by training and education level in a compact, low-priced format.

Part I of each booklet ranks the careers in one unique, eye-opening list by pay, growth through 2014, and job openings. Part II describes the jobs in alphabetical order and includes the job's rank, job tasks and responsibilities, personality type, related interest area, and working conditions. The introduction offers career information tailored to the education or training level; friendly, expert tips on points to consider when reviewing the careers; and information on how to use the booklet to choose a good job.

These booklets are ideal for quick career exploration, as an overview of the best jobs, as discussion starters, and as a starting point for further career research. Their low price and compact size makes them perfect for students or job seekers in class and workshop settings; for individual resource areas (IRAs) at one-stops; in one-stop service orientation sessions; and as handouts.



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