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50 Activities for Developing Leaders - Volume II

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Author: Lois Hart
Format: Binder/300pp
Number: HRD-257366


For years, the popular 50 Activities for Developing Leaders, Volume I, has helped trainers effectively introduce and reinforce key skills in leadership training. Now the all-new, second volume reflects the best and latest thinking on leadership theory making it the best tool available for building leadership skills, attitudes and competencies. 
Developed by two veteran leadership experts, the second edition offers 50 ready-made, proven activities organized into four modules that focus on:

-  Laying the groundwork for a workshop that makes an impact

-  Developing the individual leader

-  Setting an example so others will want to be leaders, too

-  Helping leaders excel and perform at their best


The activities help leaders:

-  Build trust

-  Be ethical

-  Teach

-  Coach

-  Facilitate meetings

-  Develop their careers

-  Create balance

-  Respond to change

-  Handle conflict

-  Be creative

-  Self-promote



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