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50 Activities for Developing Leaders - Volume I

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Author: Lois Hart
Format: Binder/300pp
Number: HRD-252484


This unique volume offers ready-to-use, proven activities to introduce and develop key skills in leadership training. Each activity includes clear objectives, detailed instructions on how to run the activity, and reproducible participant materials. 


Activities Cover

-  Leadership theories

-  Team building

-  Values and beliefs

-  Visionary leadership

-  Recognition and rewards

-  Change and risk taking

-  Professional development

-  Mentoring


Training Objectives

-  Develop key leadership skills

-  Recognize and address skills needing further development

-  Identify ability to take risks and initiate change

-  Encourage creativity to enhance visioning skills

-  Build strategies for personal development


Training Methods

-  16 written exercises encourage personal reflection and development

-  2 role-play scenarios aid the transfer of learning from the workshop to the workplace

-  14 self-assessments help participants identify their values, beliefs, and leadership style

-  14 group exercises call on participants to work together toward a common goal

-  4 closure activities provide an interesting way to end a training session


Time Guidelines

-  16 activities take 30 minutes or less

-  34 activities take between 1 and 2 hours



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