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50 Activities for Self-Development

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Author: Dave Francis, Mike Woodcock
Format: Binder/400pp
Number: HRD-251739


These fully reproducible activities can be used in self study exercises or facilitated by a trainer.  There is skill development and awareness training in the following competencies: Problem Solving, Motivation, Influence, Values, Exploring feelings, Relieving pressure, Coaching, Setting objectives, Management Style, Brainstorming, Creativity and more.

Comes complete with learning objectives, facilitator guidance, and reproducible materials.


Activities cover

-  Observation skills

-  Influencing others

-  Group problem solving

-  Reducing stress

-  Personal motivation

-  Responding to new challenges


Training Objectives

-  Identify areas needing particular attention

-  Determine a complete personal development plan

-  Remove blockages to personal success

-  Develop effective managers



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