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50 Activities for Interpersonal Skills Training

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Author: Sue Bishop, David Taylor
Format: Binder/418pp
Number: HRD-251821


These active learning sessions cover vital people skills such as assertiveness, listening, decision making, motivation, presentation skills, leadership, and teamwork. Each activity is fully reproducible, and all participant handouts and transparency masters are included. Activities take 1-3 hours to complete.


Training Objectives

-  Develop a whole range of interpersonal skills

-  Improve management performance

-  Facilitate the flow of information within the organization

-  Enable managers to understand and motivate their staff


Training Methods

-  Discussion sessions

-  Group exercises

-  Icebreakers

-  Instruments and questionnaires

-  Role-plays

-  Written exercises


Time Guidelines

-  Activities take 1-3 hours to complete



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