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50 Activities for Conflict Resolution

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Author: Jonamay Lambert, Selma Myers
Format: Binder/300pp
Number: HRD-254983


One of our best sellers, this is a collection of excellent reproducible conflict resolution activities that assist individual’s in determining their conflict resolution style, determine the role conflict plays in the workplace, improve interpersonal communication in the workplace, help individuals overcome concerns about conflict and various ways of resolving the related issues. Quantity discounted pricing.

This collection of conflict resolution activities, self-assessments, and exercises is especially useful as a resource to introduce the issue of conflict and its resolution as a part of workshops on management, leadership, communication, negotiation and diversity.


Training Objectives

-  Help individuals determine their conflict resolution style

-  Determine the role conflict plays in the workplace

-  Improve interpersonal communication in the workplace

-  Help individuals overcome concerns about conflict


Training Methods

-  Interactive exercises

-  Role plays

-  Self-assessments

-  Mini case studies

-  Self-reflection exercises


Time Guidelines
-  Activities take between 5 and 50 minutes to complete.



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