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Job Well Done
ASPECT's Guide to Success at Work

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Author: ASPECT
Format: Binder w/2 workbbooks
Date: 2004
Number: ASP-6454-2


Getting a job is often not as difficult as keeping a job! This Job Well Done curriculum, ASPECT's Guide to Success at Work focuses on successful long-term employment. Job retention is a significant issue in the career counselling process. The curriculum consists of a Facilitator's Guide with lesson plans and activities for group work or one-to-one counseling. In addition, the purchase of a facilitator's curriculum includes two individual client handbooks with checklists, reminders and inspiration for success. Additional handbooks may be purchased separately.

The publication consists of six main sections:

  1. Starting Out - guidelines and reminders for a great first impression
  2. Staying on Track - skills to become a valuable employee
  3. Moving Up - taking initiative, enhancing and refining skills
  4. Moving On - career paths, leaving: when and how
  5. Client Resources - tips, checklists and a guide to self-evaluation
  6. Employer Tools - examples of evaluation forms and checklists employers might use

Whether an individual is starting their first job, a new job or returning to the labour force, this curriculum equips them with the knowledge and skills to meet and exceed the basic expectations of the general Canadian workplace culture.



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