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Mt. Fuji: The Fool Climbs It Twice - Corporate Video Program

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Author: Paul Huschilt, Ted Schredd
Format: DVD - 38 mins
Number: PHT-000004


Mt Fuji: The Fool Climbs it Twice is an educational video that teaches the essentials of goal setting. It tells the astounding story of an average man who urges people to live their dreams by living his on top of Japan's highest mountain.


Watch it straight through; pick and choose the most important lessons only; or stop at the end of scenes to facilitate the useful exercises included in the 23 page manual.


Complete with approx. 38 minute video, ready-to-print participants' guidebooks and facilitator's manual, this package has everything you need to present your own goal setting seminar today.


Goal setting lessons include:


Begin Today

(So one day you can say, "I did it!")

Expect Bends in the Road

(Meeting challenges leads to success)

Get over the Thunder

(Minimize risks and then move forward)

Stay on the Path

(Focus on the goal)

Enjoy the View

(Celebrate milestone along the way)

Never, Never, Never Quit

(Be one of the few who dares go all the way)

Bring it Home

(Share what you learn with others)


CLIMBER: Paul Huschilt


LOCATION: Mt Fuji, Japan

CONDITIONS: Really, really windy



  • Unlimited showings of video at your facility.
  • Facilitator's Guidebook in PDF format for easy and unlimited printing - complete with exercises and tips for offering your own dynamic goal setting seminars.
  • Participants' Guidebooks in PDF format for unlimited printing, complete with activities and exercises for goal setting.


THE FINE PRINT: For use within one corporation only. License is non-transferable. Licensee may print an unlimited number of participant guidebooks and facilitator manuals. Manuals, guidebooks, CD and DVD are not for resale. Copying of CDs or DVDs is strictly forbidden without written permission. All rights reserved.

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