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Young Person's Guide to Getting & Keeping a Good Job Workbook
4th Edition

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Author: Marie A. Pavlicko, Ed.D., Jennifer T. Coleman, M. Elizabeth Thomas
Format: Paperback/224pp
Date: 2013
Number: JST-579326


Ensure young people have the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the job market and retain employment with this best-selling workbook. Young Person’s Guide to Getting and Keeping a Good Job covers essential job search topics, such as

  • Identifying skills.
  • Writing a resume.
  • Contacting employers.
  • Completing applications.
  • Excelling in job interviews.

Whether students are looking for a part-time job, an internship, summer work, or full-time employment, this workbook can help them document their experiences, develop essential skills, and increase their comfort level and confidence with the job search and beginning employment. Central to the workbook’s effectiveness is the philosophy of self-directed attitudes and behaviors.

This new edition discusses the experiences of real students in their job search. These stories increase students’ interest in workbook topics and inspire them to think creatively about their own job search. The fourth edition also reflects technological and cultural trends that are relevant in today’s job market, including

  • How to use technology and social media to the best advantage.
  • Appropriate and effective use of formal (rather than informal) communication.
  • Tattoos, body piercing, and clothing.



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