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Lead with Integrity! - Leadership and Ethics
Part Of The Soft Skills Solutions Series

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Author: Ann Cross, Martha Lanaghen
Format: Paperback/
Date: 2014
Number: JST-579616


In today's job market, individuals will find it hard to keep a good job if they lack the soft skills to successfully handle workplace situations. Provide job seekers with tools for career success using the new Soft Skills Solutions. Individual booklets offer practice activities and exercises prepare job seekers with the necessary soft skills to achieve their career goals.

Workbook Thinking Breaks

Part of learning a new skill is being able to apply it to your own experiences. These thought provoking questions require reflection and honesty which when applied, will help you identify your own opinions and beliefs relating to a specific aspect of employment success.

Self-Assessment Activities

The Self-Assessment Activities will help you assess your current soft skill level and will provide you with a brief snapshot of your strengths and weaknesses. The more honest your answers are, the more accurately you will be able to identify areas that could be improved.

Applying the Skills Activities

After skills are introduced and explained, the workbook provides activities that challenge you to apply these skills. We recommend that you complete these exercises daily until you've reached mastery of the professionalism skill you are studying. Some of these activities require (or would benefit from) the use of a partner or mentor.


These time-saving booklets help provide help information, tips & hints, and resources on each topic to build a professional image for job retention. Custom packages are available for your organization's needs!



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