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Soft Skills Solutions
Package of 7 Booklets

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Author: Jist Publishers
Format: Paperback/7 Booklets
Date: 2014
Number: JST-579623


In today's job market, individuals will find it hard to keep a good job if they lack the soft skills to successfully handle workplace situations. Provide job seekers with tools for career success using the new Soft Skills Solutions. Individual booklets offer practice activities and exercises prepare job seekers with the necessary soft skills to achieve their career goals.

Soft Skills topics include:

  • Goal Setting & Attitude
  • Professional Communications
  • Professional Etiquette & Dress
  • Time Management & Accountability
  • Teamwork & Motivation
  • Workplace Relationships and Conflict Negotiation
  • Leadership & Ethics

These time-saving booklets help provide help information, tips & hints, and resources on each topic to build a professional image for job retention. Custom packages are available for your organization's needs!



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