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Conflict Resolution Strategies DVD Kit, Revised

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Author: Lexicon Media
Format: DVD Video (4:3), Electronic Guide & PowerPoint Presentation
Date: 2004
Number: HRD-258349


The Conflict Resolution Strategies DVD Kit is a powerful tool for teaching employees how to handle conflict and minimize the stress, frustration, anxiety, and sleeplessness it can cause. The DVD is also a strong way to head off the potential high costs to business when conflict is not recognized—ranging from avoidance and third-party mediation to physical threat and violence.

Conflict Resolution Strategies uses real life, emotionally charged business scenarios to demonstrate and discuss five different approaches to handling conflict:

  • Accommodate (I lose, you win)—You put aside your needs and desires and give in to the other person’s demands.
  • Avoid (I lose, you lose)—You avoid, postpone, or prevent a conflict and neither party wins because the conflict remains unresolved.
  • Compromise (We both win, we both lose)—You resolve the conflict quickly and efficiently by seeking a fair and equitable split between your respective positions.
  • Compete (I win, you lose)—You seek to win your position at the expense of the other party.
  • Collaborate (I win, you win)—You cooperate with the other party to find a resolution with a mutually satisfying outcome.



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