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Facets of Type
Activities to Develop the Type Preferences

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Author: Gary Hartzler, Margaret Hartzler
Format: Paperback/48pp
Date: 2004
Number: TLP-375175


The field of psychological type, based on a theory originally developed by Carl Jung, has exposed us to an incredibly powerful set of mental skills for perceiving the world we live in, for making judgements about that world, for choosing how we use our energy in the world, and for accepting or controlling the flow of activities around us. The forty MBTI® Step II facets provide an even more detailed level of understanding of the psychological type skills. Our own work has demonstrated that developing these typological skills involves three steps:

  1. Becoming aware of the need for and value of a skill.
  2. Becoming adept at using the skill when it is appropriate to use it.
  3. Becoming comfortable enough with the skill to be able to rely on it.

The activities in this book were compiled to enable you to purposefully increase your awareness of and ability to appropriately use the mental skills associated with each of the eight MBTI® preferences, especially those associated with the forty MBTI® Step II facets.

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