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Diving In
Discovering Who You Are in the Second Half of Life

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Author: Mark Bodnarczuk
Format: Paperback, 268 pgs.
Date: 2009
Number: BRE-511534


Diving In is a teaching novel about the Enneagram model of personality. Readers are invited to journey along with nine people who are given a chance to experience deep, sustainable change as they participate in a life-altering workshop that's combined with a scuba diving expedition in the breathtaking, azure waters of Indonesia. Over six days, they are challenged by their teacher to closely examine the how and why of the lives that they've made for themselves. The book offers manageable formulas for creating healthy, growth-oriented relationships; for enhancing creativity and effectiveness; and for surmounting even the most robust personal problems. Diving In will change the way you see yourselves, others, and the world around you.



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