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You've Got Personality
An introduction to the Personality Types

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Author: Mary McGuiness
Format: Paperback/44pp
Date: 2004
Number: ROYITD-188804


Mary McGuiness was the person responsible for bringing the first publicly offered MBTI® Accreditation Program to Australia in 1986. While delivering the 16 Types component of the accreditation program she has gained an in-depth understanding of each of the Types. She has also delivered advanced MBTI® workshops, done extensive in-house training for educators, and served as a consultant to many organizations. All of these experiences have increased her knowledge of the Types. Even with all this experience and knowledge, Mary McGuiness realized she might have some "type biases" in her understanding of the Types. For this reason she asked several hundred people to read and comment on their own type descriptions. Thus, in this book, you are getting type descriptions that truly fit for each of the Types. Each of the type descriptions carries a wealth of material.

"I believe they will be a great resource for each person who wants to learn more about themselves and those they interact with." - Margaret Hartzler, Ph.D.



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