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Quick Guide to Interaction Styles and Working Remotely - Paperback
Strategies for Leading and Working in Virtual Teams

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Author: Susan K. Gerke, Linda V. Berens
Format: Paperback/36pp
Date: 2003
Number: TLP-214477


The Quick Guide to Interaction Styles and Working Remotely helps people in organizations work together more effectively when they aren't located in the same office. Whether you are a leader trying to measure the performance of remote workers or a team member trying to figure out how to get teammates to help you complete a project, this quick guide is full of tips and approaches for working remotely.

Successful remote leaders and workers have learned that building relationships and understanding the styles of those they work with are keys to working remotely. This booklet can be used to help you understand others better and then use that understanding to build good working relationships, effectively empower people, set clear objectives, and give useful feedback and evaluations in a way that is useful to others.

"Thank you for an insightful consolidation of ideas on one of the industries significant challenges of this decade. You have begun to bring focus to a topic that affects us all as we continue to strive to make our new workforce more effective."
- Richard K. Warren
IBM VP & Senior Location Executive

"This book will quickly help any business leader more effectively manage people in today's dynamic virtual work environment. Finally we have a simple guide to help us understand how to adapt our behaviors to get the most out of people and truly unlock the power of virtual work teams."
- Randy Mysliviec
President, Telecom Solutions Group, Convergys

"This book could not have come at a better time. Managers at all levels would benefit greatly from these down-to-earth observations, tools, and techniques unique in addressing relationships, style, performance, and results with others who work remotely."
- Karen L. Hendricks
Trustee, Board of Directors, The Ohio State University



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