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Career Diary of a Pastry Chef
Gardner's Guide Series

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Author: Yuko Kitazawa
Format: Paperback/150pp
Date: 2008
Number: IPG-650541


This series examines a wide array of professions; each book goes behind the scenes and on the job with a professional in a particular field. These books provide a glimpse of some of the projects, challenges, and rewards of a job on a day-to-day basis.

Highlighting the professional life of a pastry chef as she whips up eclectic desserts for a large, fine dining restaurant in Los Angeles, this intimate portrayal offers an honest introduction to the world behind the kitchen doors. A professional in the business describes her daily tasks, pausing occasionally to muse on the beauty of a perfect meringue, and delving into the challenges and rewards of her chosen path. In addition to the lively narrative, real insights are offered on the relevant issues of the profession, including the pros and cons of a culinary education, the reason behind the frequent employee turnover in the industry, and the joys and demands of working in a culturally diverse environment. This diary presents a real slice-of-life that aspiring chefs and avid foodies alike can sink their teeth into.



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