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Start Your Own Automobile Detailing Business, 2nd Ed.
Your Road Map to Financial Freedom

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Author: Entrepreneur Press, Eileen Figure Sandlin
Format: Paperback/178pp
Date: 2008
Number: MGH-181769


Fueled by people's passion for cars, the automobile detailing industry has been on the fast track for more than a decade. Now is the time for you to jump in the driver's seat and set out on the road to success. Start Your Own Automobile Detailing Business will give you the jump-start you need to enter this exciting industry with a realistic overview of the ins and outs of setting up shop.

Packed with essential tools and tips, this guide will continue to direct you long after you've turned the last page. In addition to giving you a behind-the-wheel look at the day-to-day operations, it will give you immediate access to a wealth of information, including:

  • Professional advice on how to write a business plan, analyze the market and establish an internet presence
  • Easy-to-understand descriptions of three types of detailing operations: mobile, express and site-based
  • Practical work sheets to help calculate costs, keep track of expenditures and stay organized
  • A comprehensive list of contacts for organizations, suppliers, government agencies and industry professionals

As people become more dependant on their cars for transportation but find they have less time to provide the necessary TLC, the potential for profit will only get better. So grab this guide as your essential road map, and set out on your journey to establishing your very own seccessful automobile detailing business.



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