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Start Your Own Child-Care Service, 2nd Ed.
Get Paid to Care for Kids!

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Author: Jacquelyn Lynn
Format: Paperback/104pp
Date: 2006
Number: MGH-180151


Do you enjoy working with children? Would you like to help lighten the load on busy moms and dads? With more and more parents needing help to care for their children, the market for child-care services is exploding.

Whether you want to start a family-style child-care center in your home, a large center at a commercial site or a niche business like child transportation, this guide can help you get started.

Business experts and successful child-care service owners offer valuable information on:

  • Legal and insurance concerns
  • Facility location and setup considerations
  • Security issues
  • How to establish and revise rates
  • Hour and policy considerations
  • Records to obtain from parents

Sample forms, updated resources and step-by-step instructions will get you on the road to success.



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