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Mt. Fuji: The Fool Climbs It Twice
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Author: Paul Huschilt, Ted Schredd
Format: DVD - 38 mins
Date: 2006
Number: PHT-000001


Mt. Fuji - The Fool Climbs it Twice is a unique, entertaining and inspirational video about making dreams come true.


Award-winning speaker, Paul Huschilt, climbs Mt Fuji, the equivalent of a 424 story skyscraper while delivering serious life lessons with unassuming humor and an untiring sense of fun. Faced with chilling cold, high winds and aching muscles due to lack of oxygen, Huschilt shows how grueling challenges contain transformational lessons. He leaves you asking yourself, "What is missing in my life that I can begin today?" "What is my Mount Fuji?"


This isn't the usual speaker talking at you. It is an astounding story of an average man who urges you to live your dreams by living his on top of a sacred mountain.


From dead end job to 12,365 feet, Paul Huschilt, former insurance man, career counselor and reluctant rat race participant, leads you to the highest point in Japan where the air is thin but insights are crystal clear.


Climber: Paul Huschilt
Videographer: Ted Schredd
Location: Mt Fuji
Japan Conditions: Really, really windy



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