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Career Directions Inventory (CDI) : Mail-in
Roadmap to a Satisfying Career

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Author: Douglas N. Jackson, Ph.D.
Number: SAS-300-903


The CDI identifies an individual's unique interest pattern and matches those interests to academic and career paths. CDI is an accurate, easy to understand, gender-fit assessment with broad applicability to business, service, professional and technical occupations.

CDI consists of 100 sets of three equally popular job-related statements, requiring an individual to choose the most and least preferred activity. The manual provides strong support for the reliability and validity of the CDI.

Detailed CDI reports direct individuals to the most fulfilling career and provides lists of specific occupations, career related books, professional organizations, and internet links.

Administration Overview

Qualification Level: A
Administer to: 14 years old and older
Administration time: 30 minutes
Number of items: 100 items
Scoring Options: Mail-in
Report Length: Extended - 20 pages
Additional Languages: French version available for: Q & A Booklets, Mail-in Extended Report



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