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Building Blocks to a Personality Dimensions Introductory Workshop (English Version) 2nd Edition
Facilitator's Guide

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Author: Lynda McKim
Format: Binder w/USB Drive
Date: 2015
Number: CLPD-0051-0


Personality Dimensions® Building Blocks to a Personality Dimensions® Introductory Workshop provides a complete "how to conduct an Introductory workshop" in a binder! This handy binder-format resource outlines:
- Setting up your space;
- Theory behind Personality Dimensions®;

- How to help your participants determine their Personality Dimensions® spectrum;
- Group presentations and Temperament clarifications;
- Tying it all Together; and,
- How to Wrap-up.

This essential guide for Personality Dimensions® Qualified Facilitators includes a Power Point® presentation and handouts on a USB Drive.



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