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Complete COPSystem Career Measurement for College/University

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The COPSystem measures an individual's abilities, interests and values and relates the scores to fourteen occupational groupings or "clusters." These clusters organize occupations based on similar activities into groups reflecting comparable courses of training, most typical job changes and greatest similarity of interests, abilities and values. The assessment inventories used in the COPSystem fall under three major categories: Interests, Abilities and Values. Each test is administered separately and the results can then be interpreted for each or integrated for a comprehensive approach. A fourth component to the COPSystem provides occupational information keyed to the results of the tests. This stimulates individual career investigation and research and assists with high-school curriculum planning and college or university majors. EdiTS

The Complete COPSystem Career Measurement (all essential materials needed for administering and interpreting the COPS Interest Inventory, the CAPS Ability Battery and the COPES Values Survey: COPS, CAPS and COPES test booklets, Comprehensive Career Guide and Examiner's Manuals)



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