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COPS-PIC Combined Test Booklet and Answer Sheet

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Number: EDT-CPC-AMS-025


*** Includes Self-Interpretation Profile & Guide ***

-  Range: Elementary through High School, and Adult

-  Length: 168 items

-  Norms: Grades 7 – 12 and adult

-  Administration Time: 30 minutes

-  Scoring Options: Self-scoring in 15-20 minutes with hand scoring keys


-  You will also need:

     -  COPS-PIC Hand Scoring Keys

     -  COPS-PIC Manual for instructions on how to utilize the Hand-Scoring Key

     -  COPS-PIC Summary Guide to use COPS-PIC along with CAPS and/or COPES


The COPS-PIC provides job activity interest scores using pictures only, yielding measurement of the 14 COPSystem clusters for non-readers. The COPS-PIC can be used for those with motivational or language difficulties to measure interests for the following applications:

  - in classroom group guidance units as a starting point for exploring the world of work

  - as a source for examinees in exploring outside sources of information about specific occupations

  - to assist students in planning their high school and college/university major programs

  - to assist students in planning their high school training

  - to help widen occupational horizons for potential dropouts by specifying occupational opportunities available to them     within their particular areas of interest

  - for individual counselling with college students or adults


The COPS-PIC illustrates a variety of occupational activities, using realistic pictures of people in non-stereotyped roles. This form of the COPS is designed to help assess students with reading or language difficulties, and individuals with low academic or career motivation as well as non-reading and non-English speaking adults. Scores are linked to 14 Career Clusters, and provide access to information about thousands of occupations.


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