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COPS II Manual

Price :

Number: EDT-CP2-MAN


-  Range: Grades 4 - 12

-  Norms: Elementary, Middle, and High school

-  Administration Time: 20-30 minutes

-  Scoring Options: Self-scoring 15 to 20 minutes


-  For Self-scoring Administration You Will Also Need:

     -  COPS II Self-Scoring Booklet and Self-Interpretation Guide to use COPS II on its own

     -  COPS II Summary Guide to use COPS II along with CAPS and/or COPES


The COPS II Manual describes the development of the COPS II assessment. Additionally it gives a step by step guide to administering, scoring and interpreting the results yielded by the COPS II. It also discusses the reliability and validity of COPS II as well as its normative data. Finally it includes further sample occupations to those offered in the COPS II Self-Scoring Booklet and Self-Interpretation Guide, as well as smaller versions of the 20 slides from the COPS II Visuals.





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