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COPS-R Technical Manual

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-  Range: Grades 6 – 12

-  Length: 168 items

-  Norms: Male / Female Combined

-  Administration Time: 20 minutes

-  Scoring Options: Self-scoring in 15-20 minutes


-  For Self-scoring Administration You Will Also Need:

     -  COPS -R Combined Self-Scoring Booklet & Self-Interpretation Guide  to use COPS-R on its own

     -  COPS-R Comprehensive Career Guide to use COPS-R along with CAPS and/or COPES


The COPS-R Technical Manual describes the development of the COPS-R assessment. It offers several sample case studies for using the COPS-r as a career counselling tool. It explains the 14 COPS-R Career Clusters that the results are sorted into.  Additionally it gives a step by step guide to administering, scoring and interpreting the results yielded by the COPS-R. Finally it thoroughly discusses the reliability and validity of COPS-R as well as its normative data, and correlations with other instruments sych as the COPS interest Inventory and the Kuder General Interest Survey. 



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