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COPS Self-Interpretation Profile & Guide for High School
Range: Grade 6 through adult

Price :

Number: EDT-COP-PRG-025H


-  Range: Grades 6-12, College and Adult

-  Length: 20 - 25 minutes

-  Norms: High School

-  Scoring Options:

     -  Self-scoring in 15-20 minutes

     -  Web-based immediate scoring


-  You Will Also Need:

     -  COPS Self-Scoring Booklet


After completing the easy Self-Scoring Booklet, the examinees follow the instructions in the Self-Interpretation Profile & Guide to discover the occupational clusters best suited to their interests. In addition, the summary activity section of the booklet includes a four-year Educational Program Planning Guide and a Local Job Interview Sheet. COPS is ideal for classroom career exploration, school course selection, curriculum evaluation, employee development and for use with other components of the COPSystem for an integrated, comprehensive approach.

The COPS Interest Inventory consists of a series of items, providing job activity interest scores related to 14 different Career Clusters. Each cluster corresponds to both high school and college curriculum, as well as current sources of occupational information. The COPS interpretive material emphasizes a “hands-on” approach to career exploration, featuring career and educational planning worksheets, along with a listing of suggested activities to gain experience.

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