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Quick Guide to the Four Temperaments and Creativity - Book
A Psychological Understanding of Innovation

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Author: Marci Segal
Format: Paper/40pp
Date: 2002
Number: TLP-214439


Innovation is the process by which ideas for new or improved products, processes or services are developed and commercialized in the marketplace. Because of competitive global pressures, firms are focusing on innovation to improve their performance. Innovation starts with creativity - using new ideas and new criteria to arrive at surprisingly relevant results.

Creativity is a personal expression of a restlessness related to improving or changing current conditions and can be used to support your innovation process to

  • become more competitive
  • build customer loyalty
  • establish a clear vision of your company's place and role in the global economy
  • create confidence with investors
  • improve the quality of decisions
  • make the company run better
  • enable all employees to be more effective

Idea generating, idea selection, implementation strategies and ultimately your innovative success depends on the people involved in each of these activities and how they percieve their capabilities to achieve breakthrough solutions.



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