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New Products

Workplace Communication Skills

Communication skills top the list of qualities tha....
Career Activity Planner

*** Updated with 2016 NOC Codes *** Works with the....
PD Messenger Style Bag

Every professional needs the right place to store ....
Look Before You Leap

Self-employment can be exhilarating, challenging, ....
PD Retirement Dimensions Toolkit

When you are planning a Personality Dimensions®....
Differentiated Instruction

Which learners prefer to work independently? Which....
PD-Online Professional Report

Single - $19.00 each 10 + - $17.50 each 100 + - $1....
PD-Online Profile Report

Single - $8.50 each 10 + - $7.75 each 100 + - $7.0....
Job Smarts, 3rd Ed. (Student Activity Book)

Job Smarts : 13 Steps to Job Success teaches stude....
STEM Careers Inventory (SCI)

STEM and green careers promise growth and opportun....
Getting to Keep the Job You Find, 6th Ed.

You followed the lead. You polished your resume. Y....
Getting Good Answers to Tough Interview Questions, 6th Ed.

The job interview can take 10 minutes or a couple ....
Getting a Positive Response in Each of the Seven Interview Phases, 6th Ed.

You've got a job interview. It sounds like you....
Getting and Using Your Resume, Cover Letter, Portfolio and JIST Card, 6th Ed.

Job search documents such as resumes, cover letter....
Getting a Job with Traditional and Nontraditional Job Search Methods, 6th Ed.

There is no one right way to go about a job search....
Getting Organized to Find a Job, 6th Ed.

If you are looking for work, getting a job is your....
Getting to Know Your Job Objective, 6th Ed.

What kind of job do you want? Would you like to wo....
Getting to Know Your Skills, 6th Ed.

In planning your career and looking for a job, kno....


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