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Facets of Type

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The Step II program provides more details on the four dimensions of behaviour by breaking each dichotomy down into five facets. This is particularly helpful for those individuals whose score is very close to the centre and have difficulty deciding which preference is a best fit. For example, on the Extravert-Introvert scale the five facets are: Initiating-Receiving, Expressive-Contained, Gregarious-Intimate, Active-Reflective, and Enthusiastic-Quiet. A person whose score is not clear may find that on the Step II, that three of the facets are on the Extravert side and only two are on the Introvert side. A well rounded individual has a clear preference but also needs to be able to comfortably use the opposite facet as it is required. This booklet contains a series of exercises to help develop the less preferred facet.
Following the introduction, each chapter looks at one of the four dimensions of behaviour. One preference and its five facets are described and a quiz is given asking the person to rank him or herself on a number of traits. These are coded to relate to the five facets. Any answer that is less than 3 indicates that this is an area for the person to work on. Then the opposite preference is given the same treatment.

This booklet is an excellent addition to a workshop on Step II or as a counselling aid to give to clients when helping them to interpret their results. Even if the exercises are not followed, reading the descriptions will give a better concept of the preferences and the facets, helping them understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Jack Falt (Idealist, Authentic Blue, Chart-the-Course, INFJ, Ennea-9) leads an ongoing group in Ottawa called Appreciating Differences that studies temperament, interaction styles, cognitive processes, and the enneagram, applying them to a wide variety of topics. He was a former board director of OAAPT and writes many of the book reviews for their newsletter Tell~A~Type. He can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]
Jack Falt 10/21/2005


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