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Colour Savvy

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Would you like to interact with your co-workers, supervisors, friends and peers more positively than you have in the past while also achieving your personal and career related goals at the same time? Do you know what triggers cause your temperament stress and how you can cope with these stressors? Are you aware of your preferred temperament? would you like to learn how to fully appreciate the strengths and gifts that those around you contribute to your personal and professional life? Wouldn't it be great if you could somewhat identify the preferred temperaments of your peers, friends and co-workers so that you could co-exist and communicate with them in harmony being conscious of their preferred temperaments?

These are some of the topics that are covered in the book Colour Savvy and so much more! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and learning even more about my preferred temperament. I am qualified to administer and interpret the Personality Dimension instrument but it never ceases to amaze me how much I still learn about myself and others through this tool.

In this book Susan and Anne take you through a variety of activities and assessments that will introduce you to the 4 Temperaments which are Inquiring Green, Resourceful Orange, Organized Gold and Authentic Blue and they help you to identify your preferred Temperament while also understanding more about yourself and others as it pertains to your areas of strength, possible stressors, your abilities, possible challenges and preferred Careers.

If you thought just by reading the 4 Temperaments that I have listed above that you have already identified your preferred style, you could be wrong! What is important to keep in mind is that we are all plaids, which means that we are comprised of a variety of all of the temperaments, we just tend to exhibit some temperaments more than we do the others or even some equally together, which are considered to be our "preferred Temperament(s)".

The book starts off with a quick questionnaire that will help you to determine which Temperament best fits you. (Please keep in mind that when completing such tools and questionnaires it is still very important to seek the expertise of a qualified professional so that they can work with you when you are reflecting on your findings and provide you with feedback and guidance where necessary).

Then the book goes on to discuss how each of the 4 Temperaments fare under stress and suggests stress coping mechanisms for each temperament style. Learn how to identify other peoples temperament styles so that you can communicate with them more effectively. However keep in mind that being an introvert or extravert can make a substantial difference in how a person's Temperament presents, so a chart is provided in the book to assist you in identifying whether certain individuals would be considered to be introverted or extraverted.

Learn how to have a greater appreciation for the 4 Temperaments and recognize the differences between them. Remember we may have our preferred Temperament styles that present themselves the most but we also have "the ability to tap into our non-preferred Temperament's associated skills and abilities and enhance our ability to use them" [Anne Bulstrode and Susan Geary, Colour Savvy, 2010]

I would encourage Counsellors, Career Practitioners, Human Resources Professionals, Educators, Trainers, Psychologists, Healthcare Practitioners, Co-workers, Managers, Friends, Spouses, Parents and Family members to read this book. It is a book that will benefit any and everyone who reads it in a different way. You may start to realize that your co-worker may not intentionally be trying to frustrate you or be difficult, they could just be being their temperament, and armed with the knowledge, information and resources from this book you can go forward understanding them a little better and have the knowhow to interact with them more effectively and positively. Now wouldn't that be refreshing?

Once you've read this book please do come by and share your thoughts and your preferred temperament type with us over at ContactPoint.ca

Brief review completed by:
Scharlene Redway, is a Job Developer working for a non profit organization who has over 8 years experience in Recruitment and 3 years in the Career Counselling field. She is a certified level B assessor, Life Skills Coach, Career Counsellor and Personality Dimensions Facilitator.
Scharlene Redway 06/09/2013


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