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Since the introduction of Personality Dimensions? in June 2003, the program has taken off. It is Career/LifeSkills Resources program to present temperament in a new and different way. A key feature it has added is the extravert-introvert dimension. This was included after focus groups suggested the addition. Since the launch of the program Career/LifeSkills has been frantically trying to keep up with training demands and introducing special program such as a French version.

The one area that cried out for a special version was for school students and this has now been completed. It is not greatly modified from the adult version. There is a set of temperament description cards designed for students. The wording is appropriate for high school students. The descriptions are rather lengthy for elementary students.

Teaching temperaments to students has many applications in the school setting. A friend of mine has had me come to his career and English classes to teach the concepts to his students. Knowing one?s temperament is very helpful in understanding oneself and others, and in choosing a career. In the English classes it is useful in understanding characters in literature.

To be able to use the program people are required to take the Personality Dimensions? training. Having taken the upgrade to PD from True Colors myself, I imagine the training itself is a lot of fun. The manuals that accompany the program provides lots of activities for a teacher to use. As teachers begin to use the material, I can see many innovative ideas being shared.

Jack Falt (Idealist, Authentic Blue, Chart-the-Course, INFJ, Ennea-9) leads an ongoing group in Ottawa called Appreciating Differences that studies temperament, interaction styles, cognitive processes, and the enneagram, applying them to a wide variety of topics. He was a former board director of OAAPT and writes many of the book reviews for their newsletter Tell~A~Type. He can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]
Jack Falt 11/21/2005


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