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Lots of ideas about how to use Personality Dimensions®, but no time to develop customized workshops?

Want to offer your clients more than a basic introductory workshop?

Interested in offering previous clients follow-up programs?

The Toolkit series might be just what you're looking for. The Personality Dimensions® Toolkit series has been created with the busy facilitator in mind. You can customize a PD workshop, complete with Power Point® slides and relevant handouts, in less than half an hour!

There are seven titles currently available in the Personality Dimensions® Toolkit series:
Team Building, Leadership Development, Career Building, Work-Life Balance, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service,  Learning Styles and Strategies, and Conflict Management.

Each toolkit provides:

  • a workshop outline relevant to the workshop theme
  • a quick overview of a basic Personality Dimensions® workshop
  • basic Personality Dimensions®  handouts
  • handouts specific to the workshop theme
  • a customized Power Point® presentation
  • several exercises, tailored to the workshop theme, for:
    - getting started (icebreakers)
    - intensifying the temperaments (brightening)
    - working together and embracing differences (blending)
    - developing the least-preferred style (stretching)

Recognizing that we all like to individualize our workshops, this package also includes a CD with the Power Point® presentation and masters of workshop handouts that you can customize to meet the objectives of your clients. Each Toolkit provides facilitator's notes for each activity, complete with learning objectives and detailed instructions. Many exercises include tips for customizing and suggested variations; all exercises include instructions for debriefing.

One of the best features of the Toolkits is the time that they save you in producing your own workshops. This is time that you could be using to promote your services or conduct programs, and time is money. Workshop preparation can often take up as much as a week of your time, but the Toolkits have it all, from complete activity outlines to a beautifully designed, professional Power Point® presentation.

The real bonus to you is that you can go back to your existing clients with totally new focuses and sets of outcomes. You can generate repeat business with relative ease: an introductory day workshop, followed by a day of team building, followed by a day of leadership development or sales/marketing/customer service focus, followed up with a day on work-life balance. Four sessions with one client, with whom you have an established rapport, is easier to book than 4 separate introductory sessions with 4 new clients!

Deirdre Pickerell, M.Ed. is the Senior Consultant for Life Strategies, a Personality Dimensions® Master Trainer, and co-author of the popular Toolkits series. She has been
working with personality type and temperament theories for over ten years.

Dr. Roberta Neault, CCC, RRP, is a Personality Dimensions Master Trainer, a counsellor-educator, and president of Life Strategies Ltd. An expert in corporate training and psychometric assessment, Roberta developed the Train-the-Trainer Toolkit for Personality Dimensions® and has written/co-authored seven Toolkits.

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