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COPS-P: Career Occupational Preference System Professional Level Interest Inventory

-  Range: College Bound High School Students, College and Adult

-  Length: 192 items

-  Norms: High School / College combined

-  Administration Time: 20 – 30 minutes

-  Scoring Options: 

     -  Self-scoring in 15-20 minutes

     -  Web-based with immediate scoring


Interest Assessment for College Students and Adult Professionals

-  Teach high school students how to plan for college

-  Help college students choose a major and explore career goals

-  Work with professionals in career transition


The COPS-P inventory is written at a 7th grade reading level and provides interest scores based on the COPSystem Career Clusters. With a focus on professional occupations, the COPS-P can be used to explore college majors, help college students conquer career indecision and assist adult professionals with career issues. The COPS-P heightens self-awareness while providing access to the most current occupational information available.

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COPS-P Comprehensive Career Guides

-  Range: College bound High ...

COPS-P Examiner's Manual

-  Range: College bound High ...

COPS-P Self-Interpretation Profile & Guide

-  Range: College bound High ...

COPS-P Self-Scoring Booklets

-  Range: College bound High ...

COPS-P Technical Manual

-  Range: College bound High ...


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